Know About Our
MSO Model?

Our MSO model

Know About Our MSO Model?

Our MSO model

The MSO Solution

In our standard in-office laboratory management model, Anchor Lab Services helps physicians gain patient compliance for critical labs needed to provide care. Anchor works with clinicians to collect samples, forward to them to designated labs, and ensures the lab reports are returned to physicians within 25-72 hours.

We have incorporated this standard approach and its proprietary systems for implementation in an ever-growing number of practices and care sites. We now incorporate what we believe is the best option for growing the business and enhancing lab services for all physicians.

In select instances, we are using a Management Services Organization (MSO) format and have structured these MSOs with input from legal and regulatory counsel. In fact, we have retained Seyfarth Shaw, a Tier 1 healthcare law firm with extensive MSO experience. Seyfarth Shaw completed a risk analysis for Stark, Fraud & Abuse, Safe Harbor, and other regulatory agencies, and found our model compliant. It is important to note that Tier 1 law firms will only accept projects they believe are structured compliantly and are prepared to defend.

Our MSO approach allows physician members to be direct participants in the clinical and business processes of Anchor’s management services. Physician members apply clinical expertise and knowledge to our operational services to achieve mutual goals and objectives.

MSO members provide management services for laboratory operations and personnel through the MSO. From training programs to reporting and portal access, the MSO improves and streamlines the laboratory operations in physician offices and clinics. This benefit is for both the physician and the patient.

MSO physician members are not compensated based on production. Management fees are paid to the MSO for services provided based on quality, care delivery, science, training, technology, research, program management and more. As revenue is generated, through management services, the physician members share in the net profits of the MSO.

Legal teams which Anchor utilizes for all contracts, legal opinions and regulatory reviews and advisement
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seyfarth shaw
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Morris, Manning & Martin
Atlanta, GA
Corporate Counsel and Contracting

Seyfarth Shaw
Atlanta, Houston, and New York
MSO and Regulatory Counsel

Arent Fox
Washington DC
Health Care and Lobbying Counsel

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